What are Decor lamps?

What are Decor lamps?

Decor lamps are often referred to as LED decor lamps. Because of its rich colors, small size, durability, and energy saving, LEDs are very suitable for decorative purposes. Mount it on a circuit board or on a flex cable or other material, and the LED can be used as a light source for letter lights, signs, track lights, light tubes, and more.

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We value original design and high quality. We believe in collaboration and co-creation. That's why we invest a lot of time and effort in our manufacturing locations and only work with the best external suppliers.We can provide a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Choose from our ILUMI collection, or create your own collection and produce it with us.

what kind of company are we

ILUMI is a contemporary lighting  factory focusing on original design.

how about our products

We develop most items in - house, but work with external designers on a regular basis. We have our own patents and certificates for our  products.

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We can assist you from first sketch to final design.

Welcome To ILUMI Lighting-Show Room

Ilumi Contemporary Lighting Factories Limited was founded in 2003. Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of modern lamps, over the years, our partners have spread over more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, etc., and we have established good cooperative relations with many household and clothing brands.

The company is committed to providing global consumers with high-end fashion, simple, atmospheric high-quality home lighting products. We have a team of more than 30 young and dynamic foreign designers and cooperate with designers from many other countries. Numerous new designs are continuously introduced every year. All the lamps we produce are original designs by designers in shape, color and material.

All our own design products are registered and patented. All our products comply with all relevant international standards and have been strictly tested, and have obtained CE, RoHs, ETL, SASO, BSCI and other certificates.

We have a QC team of 20 people who conduct strict quality control on every process in production. The company also has salt spray test and pressure ball test equipment. For the safety of electrical appliances, we will conduct 100% safety testing according to customer needs, so as to ensure the safety and quality of each product. We constantly strive for excellence, quality control, clear communication, and accurate delivery. All of this contributes to our company's efforts to produce innovative products that meet the highest manufacturing standards.

Our lighting products have a wide variety of materials, especially environmentally friendly materials are widely used in lighting.

The management team of our factory adopts European-level management concepts and methods, and strives to become an international European-level company.

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User Reviews

What users say about ILUMI

Simple but not simple, warm and bright without losing the visual enjoyment brought by the three light modes between switches!

Ma Shang

The appearance is simple and elegant. The light is bright and can be adjusted in three levels, so different lights can be used in different occasions. Simple operation, excellent workmanship and high quality.


The workmanship of the lamp is quite good, very strong, with rounded corners. It is worthy of a big brand, and the price is not expensive.


It’s very good. It took me a few days to come here to evaluate it. The light is very bright, but it’s not dazzling. The material is good at first glance, and it feels different when you touch it.

Feng Kai
Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any question?

Yes, we are a factory for more than 17 years, specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting, focusing on original designs.

Yes,our company professionally takes OEM and ODM service depending on our excellent R&D team, perfect quality and lighting solutions.We love to work together with our customers to develop new lighting concepts. We can assist you from first sketch to final design.

The Samples usually take about 25-30days. And the bulk orders usually take about 50-60 days. But the exact time depends on different styles and different quantities you order.

 Yes, you can. Welcome to inspect before delivery. And if you can’t inspect by yourself, our factory has a professional QC team to inspect the goods before shipment to ensure quality.

We provide a 3 year warranty on our products.

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What are the considerations for the purchase of table lamps?

The choice of table lamps is very important. Not all table lamps can be used for a long time. A table lamp that can protect our eyes is the best choice. There are several factors that play a crucial role in how to buy a good desk lamp. 1. Brightness: I think many people are very concerned about the brightness of desk lamps, because brightness is a very important factor. For example, if the brightness is too bright, it will make people feel dazzling; and if the brightness is too dark, it will be difficult for people to see things. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a table lamp with the appropriate brightness. However, everyone's sensitivity to brightness is different, so it is difficult for desk lamps to meet everyone's individual needs, so try to buy desk lamps with soft brightness. 2. Light source: When we buy table lamps, it is best to choose LED bulbs, because LED bulbs are relatively close to natural light, so we are comfortable to use. 3. Chromaticity: When buying a desk lamp, did you find that some LED desk lamps expose lamp beads? Such desk lamps are easy to make people feel dazzled, and they are particularly prone to superimposition when illuminating objects, which makes us The eyes are more fatigued, and even lead to myopia, so when buying a desk lamp, buy a desk lamp with anti-glare and no ghosting. 4. Color temperature: The color temperature of table lamps is quite different. At present, the color temperatures of table lamps on the market are mainly 3000K, 5000K, and 6000K. The light with a color temperature of 3000K is yellow, which looks warmer, but the brightness is not very high, while the color temperature above 5000K, the light is light yellow, and the brightness is enough without being dazzling, making people feel more comfortable.

How to match home decoration lighting?

Our lives are far from all kinds of lighting, and home lighting not only has the effect of lighting, but also has a good decorative effect. However, many people do not know how to choose and match the home lighting in the room. Let me introduce the principles of home decoration lighting matching, hoping to help you create a warm and happy home. First,Living room lighting, lighting interactive collocation: The living room is the largest public activity place in the home. It needs to create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, traditional ceiling lights or chandeliers can be used. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the interactive matching of the main lighting and auxiliary lighting, which can be adjusted by adjusting the brightness and highlights. , to enhance the mood of the interior. But be sure to keep the overall style in harmony. Second, the lighting collocation of the restaurant, pay attention to visual aesthetics: The restaurant is a place where people eat. The lighting not only needs to be soft, but also can induce people's appetite. Therefore, the lighting of the restaurant requires soft and quiet tones, sufficient brightness, and matches with the surrounding tables, chairs and tableware to form a visual effect. Aesthetic; therefore, it is particularly important to choose restaurant lamps. In restaurant decoration, we often use hanging lamps to highlight the dining table, and warm-colored chandeliers can be used to create a warm dining atmosphere. At the same time, general lighting should be set to make the whole room have a certain brightness, giving people a clean and tidy feeling. Third, kitchen lighting collocation, pay attention to moderation: The light chromaticity of kitchen lamps should be moderate, and it is better to use fluorescent lamps that maintain the primary color of vegetables and fruits. The particularity of the kitchen determines that the lighting is more practical and practical. Try not to dress too fancy. From the perspective of energy saving, there is no need to place too many lamps. In addition, smart switches can be installed. In order to facilitate the housewife to wash and cut vegetables, etc., ceiling lamps or recessed lamps can be installed on the bathtub to provide sufficient light, and wall lamps or track lamps can also be installed where special lighting is required. Fourth, the lighting of the bathroom needs to be fully illuminated: The family bathroom needs to illuminate soft light to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The frequency of use of lamps is high. Generally, ceiling lamps should be selected as a whole. The overall lighting of the bathroom does not have to be too sufficient, as long as there are a few key points. For example, independent lighting can be set next to the make-up mirror, and wall lamps can be installed on the mirror of the washbasin or on the wall. Our goal is to make every key part of the bathroom fully illuminated. Fifth, bedroom lighting collocation, pay attention to warmth: The bedroom is a private space. In this space, you can do whatever you want. The layout should be based on a warm, comfortable and pleasant feeling. There must be no depression in the lighting arrangement. The style of the main lamp should be consistent with the decoration style of the whole bedroom, and the light should not be too strong or too white, so as to prevent the bedroom from appearing dull and lifeless. Warm yellow ceiling chandeliers can be used with appropriate lampshades to make the interior more romantic and comfortable. Downlights or wall lamps can be embedded above the head of the bed, and downlights can also be embedded in the decorative cabinets to facilitate reading and living on the bed. Bedroom lighting should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, so that people have a sense of security. Sixth, study lighting collocation, pay attention to calm and quiet: The study is the private space second only to the master bedroom. It is a place for people to study and rest. Therefore, the atmosphere should be calm and quiet, and the lighting should be soft. In addition, the lighting must meet the requirements to prevent eye fatigue and even myopia. If conditions permit, it is best to have an eye-protecting desk lamp, because the eye-protecting desk lamp not only solves the problem of reddish color and low contrast of incandescent light, but also solves the damage to eyesight caused by the strobe of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps.

How to identify the quality of home lamps and lanterns?

I hope everyone can really buy "good lights" and enjoy a high-quality life. Here are a few ways to identify lamps: (1) Identification from the appearance of the home lamps: a) Marking from the luminaire When purchasing lamps, first check the marks on the lamps, such as: trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc., to determine whether they meet your own use requirements. Marking safety is a basic requirement in the safety performance of lamps, among which the rated power is particularly important. For example, a lamp designed to be 40W, because the rated power is not marked, the user is likely to install a 60W or 100W bulb, which may cause deformation of the casing and damage to the insulation. , even cause electric shock, and may cause fire. b) Identification from the protection against electric shock Attention should be paid to the protection against electric shock. After the lamp is powered on, people should not touch the live parts, and there will be no danger of electric shock. If you buy white citrus lamps (such as chandeliers, wall lamps) and install the bulbs, in the case of no electricity, if you can't touch the live parts with your little fingers, the anti-electric shock performance is basically consistent. The non-compliance with electric shock protection of lamps is generally caused by the use of lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the live parts are not covered with electric shock protection measures. (2) Identification from the structure of the lamps: a) The metal entrance and exit through which the wire passes should have no sharp edges, so as not to cut the wire and cause the metal parts to be electrified, resulting in the danger of electric shock. b) Removable lamps such as desk lamps and floor lamps should have wire fixing brackets at the entrance of the power cord. Its function is to prevent the power supply from touching the heating element when the power supply is pushed back. cause electric shock. (3) Identification from accessories used on lamps: a) If electronic ballasts are used in lamps, lamps with abnormal protection electronic ballasts should be purchased. The so-called abnormal protection refers to the protection given when a certain abnormal state occurs in the fluorescent circuit, so that the electronic ballast can still work normally. If there is such an abnormal condition in use: when the lamp tube is used to the end of its life (when the lamp tube does not light up), the lamp tube itself is non-conductive, but the two electrodes in the lamp tube are not broken. The current at the output of the electronic ballast increases sharply. For this abnormal state, the electronic ballast should strengthen the protection circuit to prevent the damage of electronic components. Without this protection, once the lamp is broken, the electronic ballast is also broken, which is not allowed by the standard. In order to reduce costs, some electronic ballasts used by lighting factories omit such abnormal protection measures, which should be paid attention to. b) Electronic ballasts are used in the lamps. Look at the marks on the ballasts and try to choose the one with a higher Tw value (such as Tw130). Especially when the heat dissipation conditions of the lamps are poor, you should pay more attention to this point. The rated maximum operating temperature of the ballast coil at which the ballast can operate continuously for ten years.

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