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Ceiling Lamps Living Room | Fashion Room Lamps

Room lamps are the main facilities for indoor lighting, providing decorative effects and lighting functions for the interior space. They can not only add new content to the relatively monotonous top color and shape, but also can change the shape of the Room lamps and the intensity of the light. Adjustment and other means to achieve the effect of setting off the indoor atmosphere and changing the feeling of the room structure.

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We value original design and high quality. We believe in collaboration and co-creation. That's why we invest a lot of time and effort in our manufacturing locations and only work with the best external suppliers.We can provide a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Choose from our ILUMI collection, or create your own collection and produce it with us.

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ILUMI is a contemporary lighting  factory focusing on original design.

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We develop most items in - house, but work with external designers on a regular basis. We have our own patents and certificates for our  products.

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We can assist you from first sketch to final design.

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Ilumi Contemporary Lighting Factories Limited was founded in 2003. Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of modern lamps, over the years, our partners have spread over more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, etc., and we have established good cooperative relations with many household and clothing brands.

The company is committed to providing global consumers with high-end fashion, simple, atmospheric high-quality home lighting products. We have a team of more than 30 young and dynamic foreign designers and cooperate with designers from many other countries. Numerous new designs are continuously introduced every year. All the lamps we produce are original designs by designers in shape, color and material.

All our own design products are registered and patented. All our products comply with all relevant international standards and have been strictly tested, and have obtained CE, RoHs, ETL, SASO, BSCI and other certificates.

We have a QC team of 20 people who conduct strict quality control on every process in production. The company also has salt spray test and pressure ball test equipment. For the safety of electrical appliances, we will conduct 100% safety testing according to customer needs, so as to ensure the safety and quality of each product. We constantly strive for excellence, quality control, clear communication, and accurate delivery. All of this contributes to our company's efforts to produce innovative products that meet the highest manufacturing standards.

Our lighting products have a wide variety of materials, especially environmentally friendly materials are widely used in lighting.

The management team of our factory adopts European-level management concepts and methods, and strives to become an international European-level company.

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The role of room lamps

It is not advisable to use lamps with strong overall lighting in the room. Wall lamps and floor lamps with partial lighting can already well meet the needs of room activities. The wall lamp should use the diffuser material lampshade with low surface brightness, and install the foot lamp or night light in the low place to avoid being stimulated by strong light at night.
As the style of room decoration tends to be personalized and diversified, the choice of lamps and lanterns also keeps pace with the times. The most common ceiling lamps in the room have gradually broken away from the pattern of pure white dominance. The lamps with bright colors, golden edges, silver edges and other highly decorative lamps are like wonderful variations of four-handed play, jumping with the color of the room.

What are room lamps?

As the name suggests, room lamps are lamps in the room. The overall atmosphere of the bedroom lighting emphasizes warmth. Compared with the main lamps in the room for daily living needs, the bedside lamps also serve as local lighting for reading, dressing and dressing. Need, not only that, if it is arranged properly, it can also play a role in adjusting the mood of the bedroom and beautifying the room.

What are room lamps?

The principle of choosing room lamps

The choice of room lamps should follow certain principles, so as to complement each other. First of all, the choice of room lamps should be adapted to the height of the bedroom. The flowers with too short height in the bedroom are not suitable for choosing room lamps with long suspension rods. The choice of room lamps should also be adapted to the area. 2% of the room lamps; the choice of room lamps should be adapted to the decoration style of the bedroom, otherwise it will give people a messy feeling.

Brief description of room lamps

Room lamps are the tools used for lighting in the home bedroom. The overall atmosphere emphasizes warmth and warmth. It can be the main lamp in the bedroom or the bedside lamp in the bedroom. The light environment in the bedroom should be mainly warm, soft and comfortable, and then equipped with appropriate bedside lamps, which can make the bedroom lighting more brilliant. The role of bedroom lamps is not only lighting. It can also play the role of adjusting the mood of the bedroom and beautifying the room.

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What users say about ILUMI

Simple but not simple, warm and bright without losing the visual enjoyment brought by the three light modes between switches!

Ma Shang

The appearance is simple and elegant. The light is bright and can be adjusted in three levels, so different lights can be used in different occasions. Simple operation, excellent workmanship and high quality.


The workmanship of the lamp is quite good, very strong, with rounded corners. It is worthy of a big brand, and the price is not expensive.


It’s very good. It took me a few days to come here to evaluate it. The light is very bright, but it’s not dazzling. The material is good at first glance, and it feels different when you touch it.

Feng Kai
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Yes, we are a factory for more than 17 years, specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting, focusing on original designs.

 Yes,our company professionally takes OEM and ODM service depending on our excellent R&D team, perfect quality and lighting solutions.We love to work together with our customers to develop new lighting concepts. We can assist you from first sketch to final design.

Yes, you can. Welcome to inspect before delivery. And if you can’t inspect by yourself, our factory has a professional QC team to inspect the goods before shipment to ensure quality.

We provide a 3 year warranty on our products.

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