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How to install outdoor lighting?

Feb 25.2022

Outdoors, we often see a variety of beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures, which add a lot of warm and comfortable atmosphere to the whole environment. How to install outdoor lighting correctly? The following introduces several correct installation of outdoor lamps and precautions.

1.Grounding: The lamps and lanterns must have good wiring and grounding according to the requirements of the manual. If the class lamps are not grounded, they will become similar class 0 lamps;

2.Allowable voltage fluctuation: HCI ceramic metal halide lamp, HQI quartz metal halide lamp and NAV high pressure sodium lamp require that the voltage fluctuation in a short time shall not exceed the range of +/-5%, and the long-term allowable fluctuation range is +/-3% , a larger voltage change will shorten the life of the lamp and cause color shift; 3. The use of light sources: frequent switching will shorten the life of the lamp;

3.Starting current: HCI, HQI and NAV depend on different ballasts, the starting current of the lamp can be as high as 2 times of the working current, so this current must be considered in the circuit design, otherwise the switch is easy to trip;

4.Luminous flux: The parameters of the light source are relatively stable after 100 to 300 hours. The ignition position of the T-type and TS-type is horizontal, while the E-type has a vertical lamp head. When the light source has different ignition positions, its luminous flux, color temperature and even life span there are significant differences;

5.Installation of light source: HID light source and electrical appliances must be matched, and must be installed well.

6.Matching of light source and electrical appliances: 
A. There is no American standard and European standard for sodium lamps;
B. Metal halide lamps below 150W do not distinguish between American standard and European standard, and use the same electrical components as sodium lamps; 
C, 250W and 40OW metal halide lamps are divided into American standard and European standard, and strictly follow the requirements for wiring and matching of electric light sources;

7.Installation of waterproof joints: All lamps with waterproof joints must be tightened and waterproof. If necessary, glass glue or silica gel should be placed on the inlet hole of the waterproof connector;

8. Description of protection level: IPXX means dustproof and waterproof, the first X means dustproof, and the second means waterproof. The specific definition is explained in the product catalog.

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