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How to identify the quality of home lamps and lanterns?

Feb 20.2022

I hope everyone can really buy "good lights" and enjoy a high-quality life. Here are a few ways to identify lamps:

(1) Identification from the appearance of the home lamps:
a) Marking from the luminaire
When purchasing lamps, first check the marks on the lamps, such as: trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc., to determine whether they meet your own use requirements. Marking safety is a basic requirement in the safety performance of lamps, among which the rated power is particularly important. For example, a lamp designed to be 40W, because the rated power is not marked, the user is likely to install a 60W or 100W bulb, which may cause deformation of the casing and damage to the insulation. , even cause electric shock, and may cause fire.
b) Identification from the protection against electric shock
Attention should be paid to the protection against electric shock. After the lamp is powered on, people should not touch the live parts, and there will be no danger of electric shock. If you buy white citrus lamps (such as chandeliers, wall lamps) and install the bulbs, in the case of no electricity, if you can't touch the live parts with your little fingers, the anti-electric shock performance is basically consistent. The non-compliance with electric shock protection of lamps is generally caused by the use of lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the live parts are not covered with electric shock protection measures.

(2) Identification from the structure of the lamps:
a) The metal entrance and exit through which the wire passes should have no sharp edges, so as not to cut the wire and cause the metal parts to be electrified, resulting in the danger of electric shock.
b) Removable lamps such as desk lamps and floor lamps should have wire fixing brackets at the entrance of the power cord. Its function is to prevent the power supply from touching the heating element when the power supply is pushed back. cause electric shock.

(3) Identification from accessories used on lamps:
a) If electronic ballasts are used in lamps, lamps with abnormal protection electronic ballasts should be purchased. The so-called abnormal protection refers to the protection given when a certain abnormal state occurs in the fluorescent circuit, so that the electronic ballast can still work normally.
If there is such an abnormal condition in use: when the lamp tube is used to the end of its life (when the lamp tube does not light up), the lamp tube itself is non-conductive, but the two electrodes in the lamp tube are not broken. The current at the output of the electronic ballast increases sharply. For this abnormal state, the electronic ballast should strengthen the protection circuit to prevent the damage of electronic components. Without this protection, once the lamp is broken, the electronic ballast is also broken, which is not allowed by the standard. In order to reduce costs, some electronic ballasts used by lighting factories omit such abnormal protection measures, which should be paid attention to.
b) Electronic ballasts are used in the lamps. Look at the marks on the ballasts and try to choose the one with a higher Tw value (such as Tw130). Especially when the heat dissipation conditions of the lamps are poor, you should pay more attention to this point. The rated maximum operating temperature of the ballast coil at which the ballast can operate continuously for ten years.

How to identify the quality of lamps

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