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What are the considerations for the purchase of table lamps?

Mar 18.2022

The choice of table lamps is very important. Not all table lamps can be used for a long time. A table lamp that can protect our eyes is the best choice. There are several factors that play a crucial role in how to buy a good desk lamp.

1. Brightness: I think many people are very concerned about the brightness of desk lamps, because brightness is a very important factor. For example, if the brightness is too bright, it will make people feel dazzling; and if the brightness is too dark, it will be difficult for people to see things. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a table lamp with the appropriate brightness. However, everyone's sensitivity to brightness is different, so it is difficult for desk lamps to meet everyone's individual needs, so try to buy desk lamps with soft brightness.


2. Light source: When we buy table lamps, it is best to choose LED bulbs, because LED bulbs are relatively close to natural light, so we are comfortable to use.

3. Chromaticity: When buying a desk lamp, did you find that some LED desk lamps expose lamp beads? Such desk lamps are easy to make people feel dazzled, and they are particularly prone to superimposition when illuminating objects, which makes us The eyes are more fatigued, and even lead to myopia, so when buying a desk lamp, buy a desk lamp with anti-glare and no ghosting.

4. Color temperature: The color temperature of table lamps is quite different. At present, the color temperatures of table lamps on the market are mainly 3000K, 5000K, and 6000K. The light with a color temperature of 3000K is yellow, which looks warmer, but the brightness is not very high, while the color temperature above 5000K, the light is light yellow, and the brightness is enough without being dazzling, making people feel more comfortable.

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