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How to match home decoration lighting?

Mar 07.2022

Our lives are far from all kinds of lighting, and home lighting not only has the effect of lighting, but also has a good decorative effect. However, many people do not know how to choose and match the home lighting in the room. Let me introduce the principles of home decoration lighting matching, hoping to help you create a warm and happy home.

First,Living room lighting, lighting interactive collocation:
The living room is the largest public activity place in the home. It needs to create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, traditional ceiling lights or chandeliers can be used. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the interactive matching of the main lighting and auxiliary lighting, which can be adjusted by adjusting the brightness and highlights. , to enhance the mood of the interior. But be sure to keep the overall style in harmony.

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Second, the lighting collocation of the restaurant, pay attention to visual aesthetics:
The restaurant is a place where people eat. The lighting not only needs to be soft, but also can induce people's appetite. Therefore, the lighting of the restaurant requires soft and quiet tones, sufficient brightness, and matches with the surrounding tables, chairs and tableware to form a visual effect. Aesthetic; therefore, it is particularly important to choose restaurant lamps. In restaurant decoration, we often use hanging lamps to highlight the dining table, and warm-colored chandeliers can be used to create a warm dining atmosphere. At the same time, general lighting should be set to make the whole room have a certain brightness, giving people a clean and tidy feeling.
Third, kitchen lighting collocation, pay attention to moderation:
The light chromaticity of kitchen lamps should be moderate, and it is better to use fluorescent lamps that maintain the primary color of vegetables and fruits. The particularity of the kitchen determines that the lighting is more practical and practical. Try not to dress too fancy. From the perspective of energy saving, there is no need to place too many lamps. In addition, smart switches can be installed. In order to facilitate the housewife to wash and cut vegetables, etc., ceiling lamps or recessed lamps can be installed on the bathtub to provide sufficient light, and wall lamps or track lamps can also be installed where special lighting is required.
Fourth, the lighting of the bathroom needs to be fully illuminated:
The family bathroom needs to illuminate soft light to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The frequency of use of lamps is high. Generally, ceiling lamps should be selected as a whole. The overall lighting of the bathroom does not have to be too sufficient, as long as there are a few key points. For example, independent lighting can be set next to the make-up mirror, and wall lamps can be installed on the mirror of the washbasin or on the wall. Our goal is to make every key part of the bathroom fully illuminated.
Fifth, bedroom lighting collocation, pay attention to warmth:
The bedroom is a private space. In this space, you can do whatever you want. The layout should be based on a warm, comfortable and pleasant feeling. There must be no depression in the lighting arrangement. The style of the main lamp should be consistent with the decoration style of the whole bedroom, and the light should not be too strong or too white, so as to prevent the bedroom from appearing dull and lifeless. Warm yellow ceiling chandeliers can be used with appropriate lampshades to make the interior more romantic and comfortable. Downlights or wall lamps can be embedded above the head of the bed, and downlights can also be embedded in the decorative cabinets to facilitate reading and living on the bed. Bedroom lighting should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, so that people have a sense of security.


Sixth, study lighting collocation, pay attention to calm and quiet:
The study is the private space second only to the master bedroom. It is a place for people to study and rest. Therefore, the atmosphere should be calm and quiet, and the lighting should be soft. In addition, the lighting must meet the requirements to prevent eye fatigue and even myopia. If conditions permit, it is best to have an eye-protecting desk lamp, because the eye-protecting desk lamp not only solves the problem of reddish color and low contrast of incandescent light, but also solves the damage to eyesight caused by the strobe of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps.

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